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Europe’s advantages are sometimes taken for granted. Whereas critical thoughts are often widespread. Does European youth know what the EU has on offer and which benefits it brings? Furthermore, we have experienced a rise of anti-European thoughts all over Europe lately. Some of these thoughts are being supported by news/arguments that aren’t always (entirely) true. Developments in social media and in the use of the internet make it difficult to distinguish between facts and “alternative facts” or “fake news”. Our students are the “European future” and because of that they have to understand that a united Europe is crucial for their well-being, their development and a peaceful life. Working in this project in international groups will ensure a mutual understanding of differences and similarities. To achieve our goals we have worked on our project B.Y.E. The students have learned to decode “fake news”, work as a European network, and they have to applied 21st century skills (e.g. media literacy) to raise their own awareness and that of others of being a part of the European community. In this magazine you will find the outcome of our fake news classes. The students have written their own “news”. Some of it is real, some of it is fake. Are you able to distinguish between real and fake? 1 An introduction to B.Y.E. INTRODUCTION

Breaking news: Italy will leave European Union in March 2021 We have just discovered that Italy will leave European Union in September 2021. The exit of Italy from the European Union took place on the 8th of March, which makes Italy the second country to leave the union after the UK. The exit was decided through a referendum and the majority of italians agreed on leaving the union. About 70% of the people voted to leave. The effects of the ‘’Itxit’’ is likely to reduce immigration from other european countries. Following the exit the EU law and court of Justice no longer have supremacy over Italian laws. The Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, has declared: “It’s time for Italy to revive the economy. Leaving the European Union is the only way”. Moreover, a recent research shows that 67% of the population has had economic problems since Italy joined the European Union. Italy will not participate in the Olympic Games For the first time in history Italy will be excluded from the Olympic Games. The reason? The confrontation between Italy and the IOC, the International Olympic Committee. This clash was born in 2018, when the Italian Government approved a law that violates the Olympic Charter, the set of rules and guidelines for the organisation of the Olympic Games and the Government of the Olympic movement. The confrontation then continued until today, even in the political sphere. Italy could have resolved the situation by signing an agreement by 27 January 2021, but due to disorganization of the Government, Italy didn’t sign and therefore will not participate in the Olympic Games of Tokyo: a real disappointment for all athletes and for all Italian Fans, but above all a poor figure for the Italian Government. Sweden plans to give Scania to Denmark by 2030. The swedish government has recently announced its plans to give Scania to Denmark. With the majority of the local population voting in favour of transferring the territory to Denmark, the swedish government has made an official decision. The question of Scania has been a common geopolitical topic in northern Europe for a while. Scania and it’s people have long identified more with the state of Denmark, rather than Sweden. This can be seen in the local culture and even in the dialect spoken. This is a major move, since Scaniahas a considerable population and is one of the largest financial centers of northern Europe. Experts say this could strengthen the ties of scandinavian countries. Some even say that the countries could leave the EU and form a more federal Nordic Council to act as an EU alternative. Only time will tell. 2

Italy will become the first European country to be free of the coronavirus disease Italy has just received a lot of vaccines against CoronaVirus and it will be the first nation to achieve herd immunity. When Italy becomes Corona free it will be such a big exchange for the whole of Europe. After Italy France will be the next one to be Corona free. The news was announced this morning after President Mattarella signed the Covid-19 relief bill with the approval of the members of Parliament, Italy has been severely affected by this disease, especially the youth who feel like their lives have been paused. The vaccines will be given to old people first then to public and essential workers, it has been reported that the youth will be the last people to get them. For some young people it doesn’t make sense because they are affected by this as much as older people are, while for some others, being last is actually a good thing because some of them are afraid of what is in the vaccine so by being last they get to see the results on older people. The general response to this bill has been positive, because people just can't wait to go back to normalcy. Italy opens its first 24hour red wine fountain! Book a flight to Italy immediately—a fountain flowing solely with red wine has appeared in the Abruzzo region, just east of Rome. Installed by a local vineyard, the fontana del vino can be found along the Cammino di San Tommaso, a popular pilgrimage route that runs between Rome and Ortona. And the joys don’t end there: Passersby can drink as much as they like. For free. According to The Local, The Dora Sarchese vineyard was inspired by a similar fountain along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain, subsequently teaming up with the nonprofit that maintains the Cammino di San Tommaso to bring its locally produced vino to the masses. The vineyard explained that the wine fountain is a “welcome” to everyone who walks past. Notably, it also issued a stern warning to any wine lovers who might take the prospect of an around-the-clock wine fountain too far, adding that it is not intended for “drunkards” or “louts.” APPARENTLY, DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Ed Sheeran turns 30, teases tea party with the royal family The pop star turned 30 on Thursday and shared an adorable throwback post on Instagram as he teased a teaparty, which he was just having with the royal family, as a celebration of this special day. P. 4 for more! 3

Humanoid creature found dead in Bosco Magnano, Monte Pollino in Italy Ed Sheeran turns 30, teases tea party with the royal family The pop star turned 30 on Thursday and shared an adorable throwback post on Instagram as he teased a teaparty, which he was just having with the royal family, as a celebration of this special day. "Thank you for all your wonderful messages, I feel very loved," he began. "Currently dressed the same as I was when I met the queen for the first time, about to shake her hand in front of the Buckingham Palast." In the cute snapshot, Sheeran wore a jogging outfit — matching with Prince Harry. Fellow star John Mayer wasamong those to like the post. "I'll be back online soon and tell you all about this amazing birthday, until then xx," Sheeran concluded his caption. The photo was taken by a passionate metal seeker , Mr. Gigi L’impero of Monte di Procida (NA) , before thediscovery area was banned by the zoophilia guards and other mysterious men in white airtight suits. A horrible humanoid-looking creature was found on the land of Bosco Magnano , in the Pollino National Park , adestination for many people who took simple walks in nature. The being would have the appearance of half man / half bear and specific tests are underway in order to identifyits origin , through the identification of DNA. The photo shows the enormous fangs present in the jaw, certainly dangerous and with a devastating force, but the creature was found already dead and in an advanced state of decomposition. 4

“The Louvre is delighted that these two pieces of Renaissance armor have been found thanks to the work ofinvestigators,” the museum said in a statement. It added that what happened on the night of May 31, 1983, is basically just „ an accident,” with few details known to the general public. Louvre Museum: Armor Pieces disappeared 40 years ago not stolen but lost After sunset on May 31, 1983, and before dawn the next morning, a showcase at the Louvre was broken into and two pieces of 16thcentury Italian armor were claimed to be stolen in one of the most mysterious heists in themuseum’s history. Nearly 40 years later, the two items — a ceremonial helmet and a breastplate — were identified in a collection of Egyptian Antiquities of the famouseast wing, inside the louvre. Thepolice are investigating how the items ended up in the antiques, and who was responsible for themissplacement. At the end of May 1983, two pieces of Italian Renaissance armor went missing. The circumstancesaround their disappearance were claimed to still remain a mystery, but after new investigations the local police department found the well known pieces inside of another collection. Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for COVID-19, infects all teammates The entire Juventus team forced into isolation in the most delicate moment of the season. Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Coronavirus. The Juventus club broke the news with a press release on their official website: "Juventus Football Club announces that, during the checks provided for by the protocol in force, Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for Covid-19.” The player has serious symptoms and iscurrently in intensive care. From the last checks it also appears that CR7 has infected the entire team that has been forced into isolation for at least 14 days, thus preventing the team from playing tonight’s game, the most important moment of the season. Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates are currently all hospitalized at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, while theyshould be playing the decisive game of the season. This unfortunate news has aroused the reaction of the fans of the team, who have shown their support on social networks, praying for their recovery, in particular for Ronaldo’s who is in intensive care fighting for his life. Juventus teammates crying after discovering Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Covid-19 5

Mar. 7 - Switzerland referendum to banface coverings The SVP’s right-wing party proposed to introduce a ban on wearing facial coverings in public in order to directlytarget muslim communities. The radicalist campaign was met with both support and opposition, ultimately resulting in just over 51% of Swiss voters in favour of the ban. Implementing this law would mean that muslim women would be prohibited from wearing garments such as the niqab and burqa ultimately amplifying extreme islamophobia that is already present in the country. Many saw this as a cruel attack on the community that would contribute to further marginalisation yet supporters argued that the ban’s intention was to prevent violent protesters from being able to disguise their appearances. Furthermore, the party responded to the list of criticisms with ‘compensations’ - promising that religious face coverings would still be permittedwithin places of worship and holy environments. Many muslims, including Sanija Ameti, described the situation as ‘deeply upsetting’. She shared her thoughts on her matter and explained how such guidelines will only result in the alienation of muslims. Notably, the party’s posters depicting ‘threatening’ muslim women have already caused huge surges in islamophobia. Religious organisations and human rights groups have actively opposed the ban, bringing to light how the policy would not only infringe on human rights but also personal freedom and expression. SVP lawmakers adamantly stated that Swiss tradition is freedom and showing your face - which seemshypocritical given that the policy would take away the rights of people to freely practice their religion. While muslims only make up 5% of Switzerland’s general population, it is a ban that would affect the lives ofmany. The poll’s controversial outcome will follow France’s equally damaging 2011 veil ban as well as thepartial bans in Belgium and Austria. Football European Championship aregoing to be postponed again The UEFA Euro 2020 was originally planned to be played in summer 2020 but was postponed in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now the officials are planning to postpone the event even further. The UEFAExecutive Committee are in talks with government officials of the host countries to form a plan to move thechampionship into May 2022 because of the increasing infections of COVID-19. Alien sightings It was a clear night on the 3rd march, when Josi Worner saw "weird shadows" in her backyard. In fear of thievesrobbing them or strangers on their property she called her husband Adam to send them away. Adam tried to stay as quiet as impossible when he saw two red lights blinking unrhythmically in the sky. He said " Itwas strange, but what I saw afterwards was unbelievable". In the middle of his garden he saw three silhouettes that were similar to humans but more skinny and still heldsomething unknown. Later on he said they looked like Aliens to him "It seemed to be some kind of ritual, I was terrified but was able to take a picture from my hiding spot behind the bushes. Several neighbours agreed to his sighting and are afraid of going out at nights, are we even safe? And what has theNASA or the gouvernement to say to this shocking News? 6

Often located in schoolyards or along roads, forests can be the size of a tennis court. They are based on the work of Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki who observed in 1970 that the trees around Japan's Shinto andBuddhist shrines tended to be native species, well adapted to the soil and climate of the islands of Japan. He later discovered that only 0.06% of contemporary Japanese forests were indigenous, so he pioneered amethod of restoring them on degraded or cleared land that had been humus-free. It became known as the Miyawaki method. Using this formula he created over 1,700 forests across Asia, 96.7% of which developed into a resilient ecosystem within ten years. Miyawaki forests are designed to regenerate the Earth in far less time than the more than 70 years it takes for a forest to recover on its own. Moreover, proponents of themethod claim that miniature forests grow 10 times faster and become 30 times denser than those planted with conventional methods. Fabrice Ottburg, an ecologist led the Wageningen study stating that the increased biodiversity is due in part to the young age and the openness of the forests and this allows more sunlight to reach the flowering plantsthat attract pollinators. Diversity is also enhanced by planting more species, which provide more variety of food and shelter for greater diversity of animals such as insects, snails, butterflies, amphibians, insects and grasshoppers. Tiny forests are springingup all around Europe The Tiny Forest Initiative is a movement that has been born to restore biodiversity and fight the climate crisis and was started in 2015 in the Dutch city of Zaandam by the Institute for Education and Sustainability of Nature (IVN). IVN has helped cities and families plant 100 Miyawaki-style forests and it is on track to double that number by 2022 and is working on similar efforts in a dozen other countries. The first in France was planted in March 2018 next to a busy four-lane road on the edge of Paris. The dense bush was intended to reduce noise and filter the air for the adjacent neighborhood. On the day of planting, 40 people gathered with 31 tree species to bring new life to the soil that had been prepared with compost from local horse stables. It is hoped that biodiversity can be preserved with this new method and that other countries, not justEuropeans, will adopt it. This Fast Fashion brand announced to be more sustainable! As we all know that there have been problems with fashion brands that refuse to pay their workers and produce their clothes in a way too environmentally harmfulway. Because of this the brands are able to sell their clothing items for very lowprices and many people who want to save or don’t have much money tend to buy off of these brand’s websites more than off of sustainable brand’s websites.Brands such as SheIn got very popular because they offer trendy clothes for lowprices and they’re selling better than ever! Yet, there also have been lots of complaints by people who care about the environment and for human rights but also buy shoppers who claim that the quality of the items was too low. We asked SheIn about their reaction to these accusations and here’s what they had to say! Read page 8 for SheiIns's reaction! 7

There you have it! We are very excited to see what Sheln has offer for us in the near future. For now this sounds very promising! This Fast Fashion brand announced to be more sustainable! "We are currently working on our new sustainability project which inc/udes improving our brand's qua/ity, taking care of the environment and of our workers! All of the above counts to our biggest matters of concerns and we are doing our best to improve!" -Sheln Harris is the 49th Vice President Kamala Harris won alongside Joe Bidenle's 2020 US election, with the new Democratic administration officiallystarting this Wednesday, January 20. Harris is not only the first woman, but also the first non-white person to assume the role of Vice President of theUnited States. An assignment that comes in one of the worst moments of American history, between pandemic andsocial tensions. Kamala Harris was immediately supported by the former Democratic president, who called her the right partner for the victory of Joe Biden. The woman has a respectable political career and represents the most progressive line of theparty, thanks to her ideas and her political struggles. Kamala Harris, in full Kamala Devi Harris, (born October 20, 1964, Oakland, California, U.S.), is the 49th vice president of the United States in the Democratic administration of President Joe Biden (20 January 2021) . She was the first woman and the first African American to hold the post. She had previously served in the U.S. Senate(2017-21) and as attorney general of California (2011-17). Kamala Harris has made history as the first female, first black and first AsianAmerican US vice-president. 4G on the moon Here on planet Earth we’re hearing a lot of people talking about the 5G network, and this topic caused a lot of critics and conspiracy theories on the risks that this system could have. But not many people know that NASA is working to bring 4G on the moon, investing almost 14 million dollars for the project, working with Nokia and 13 other companies. Obviously, the purpose isn’t to give access to the internet to astronauts, with this system the moon’s 4G network will not only be carrying voice and data signals like those found in terrestrial applications, it’ll also be handling remote operations like controlling lunar rovers from a distance 8

Zoe Wees - the future of the music industry? The Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission, which has the task of verifying theadequacy of the health checks carried out in the 28 member countries by their respective authorities,confirms the ineffectiveness of the Italian food supply chain guarantee system. The control system is managed on three levels: the Ministry of Health plans the Integrated NationalControl Plan which, through the regions, allows the Local Health Authorities - ASL to carry out controlsalong the entire supply chain, from the fields to the table, taking into account the assessment of themicrobiological, chemical and physical risk. The operators are responsible for the safety of the productsthrough selfcontrol procedures which include the application of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis andCritical Control Points) and which are verified by the ASLs. Control for food safety in Italy Food controls in Italy are not effective and this is also confirmed by the reports of the EuropeanCommission. These controls are not applied at every stage of food production, processing, import anddistribution. The national network of laboratories (Experimental Zooprophylactic Institutes - IZS and Regional Agencyfor Environmental Protection - ARPA) is not at all avant-garde as regards instrumentation and staffpreparation and in addition, analyzes are not always carried out on samples taken extensively by the ASLin each stage of food processing and distribution, both as sales and as catering (for example in canteens)(1). Import control procedures should be strict and compliant with European legislation. Zoe Wees, former the voice kids participant, just published her second single “girls like us”.Just like she did with her first single “control” the german girl climbs the charts and againstays at the top of the chards for over a month in all European countries. In the voice kids Zoe reached the finale and made it to the second place. This success helped her reach her current achievements with her original music because she already had hundreds of thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms and was able to meetPopstars like Ed Sheeran. According to an inside source, Zoe and Ed Sheeran are currently working on a new song which isgoing to be featured on her first album. The chances are high that Zoe’s debut album will be successful in Europebecause she is already well known for her two hit songs control and girls like us.But the collaboration with global super star Ed Sheeran could open new doors for the newcomer. She already was invited to several interviews and got theopportunity to perform on US television shows. 9

The Corminaty drug inoculated to doctors and healthcare professionals is the one prepared by Pfizer and BioNTech. It has already been administered, among other countries, in the United States and Great Britain, and starting today also in Italy. The time used to create the vaccines was too short and they are therefore considered to be unsafe and sometimes ineffective. A news has spread in recent days around the world, which has shaken a large part of the population who havedecided not to undergo the administration of the vaccine against covid. "The RNA vaccine against covid isdangerous because it modifies the genetic code" This is the news that has spread, creating imbalance amongpeople. We also found several reports of posts on social networks that reiterated this situation. “Found post on Facebookreferring to debunked theories around genetic modification has suggested vaccines could stop someonebeing human.” This is a final update of the situation on social networks. Some other people specify that the vaccine mRNA alters the recipient's DNA. So we need to ask ourselves.. who do you want to believe? Who can we really trust? Do we have to stand still and let our DNA change, depriving ourselves of our nature, or must we start thinkingabout our future? Shocking! Huge octopus washed up in Italy. “I thought I was dreaming” - said a bystander On Sunday 27 December, the first symbolic vaccinations against Covid-19 began throughout Italy and Europe. Yesterday something very odd happened in the city of Pescara in Italy. A huge octopus was washed on the shore,causing mass hysteria. After the initial shock had gone, people were gathering around in curiosity. The local police were called to thescene, and they taped the area. The police were baffled by the creature, and the local biologist was summoned.He commented on the situation; “We are doing a lot of research and making many phone calls. We have come up with many theories concerning thesituation , but they will be told once the answer is secured.” Reports say that locals were worried about their safety and the look of the city. “I don’t want it to start smelling like death around here” - (freely translated, no guarantees for corrections) said one ofthe locals. It’s very concerning that these kinds of deep sea creatures are able to infiltrate our countrys and homes this way. These kinds of shore washings have happened before. Mostly big whales, sharks and big fishes. Everyone on the scene was hoping for the quick removal of the animal and a better tomorrow. 10

FOOD WASTE: amount thrown away totals 900 million tonnes More than 900 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year, according to a global report. The UN Environment Programme's Food Waste Index revealed that 17% of the food available to consumers - in shops, households and restaurants - goes directly into the bin. The report has highlighted a global problem that is "much bigger than previously estimated," Richard Swannell from Wrap told BBC News. "The 923 million tonnes of food being wasted each year would fill 23 million 40-tonne trucks’’ THE LOCKDOWN EFFECT: According to research by Wrap, planning, careful storage and batch-cooking during the lockdown reduced people's reported levels of food waste by 22% compared with 2019. And Italian restaurateur Massimo Bottura, chef patron of Modena eatery Osteria Francescana, which has three Michelin stars, has been appointed Unep goodwill ambassador "in the fight against food waste and loss". Throughout the lockdown in Italy, his family produced an online cooking show called Kitchen Quarantine, encouraging people to "see the invisible potential" in every ingredient. TIPS TO REDUCE FOOD WASTE: Plan your portions and buy the right amount Cool your fridge down Understand date labels: a "use by" date is about food safety. If the use by date has passed, you should not eat or serve it, even if it looks and smells okay. If something is getting close to the use by date, you can freeze it. A "best before" date is about quality. In the UK, the average household could save £700 per year, according to Wrap research, by buying only the food they ate. Suspicious creatures sighted in Europe A few days ago some rather peculiar and suspicious creatures were spotted in Europe. They look like us, but they are not like us. Scientists at Oxford University found different cells and a deep green liquid in blood samples. Within hours of the samples, a farmer alerted authorities claiming that there were shapes created in the wheat in his field. To this day, scholars cannot explain these images. The circles have been found in Italy in the city of 'pistachio green' and also in other European states. These creatures had also been spotted earlier in the 1970s by the scientist Albert Frankenstein, who was the first to find evidence of a suspicious DNA sample in one of his patients. The same sample was found thirty years later in the city's wheat field, still 'Pistachio Green'. Security cameras recorded a man speaking an alien language. The man being chased in the same recording takes off a mask and it was noticed that unlike humans he has gills. Don't trust anyone, even the people closest to you could be these mysterious creatures. 11

ICELAND IS IN BIG TROUBLE! See next page for more! 12

Iceland is in big trouble! 1) A new type of Coronavirus called “Coldvirus” is spreading incredibly fast in Iceland and it is creating a lot of chaos. Iceland has been struggling with 14 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, besides the deadly covid-19 there is a new deadly virus, the Coldvirus. This new type of COVID-19 is spreading mostly among teens than the adults, the researchers have found almost a thousand cases, 30 were deadly. The authorities are worried that this new type of virus could spread in the rest of Europe causing great panic and disorders. So far there is not a lot of information on how the virus could be stopped. Some doctors are speculating that the Coldvirus may be way deadlier than COVID-19. Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, Iceland’s president elect, had to put a new lockdown to prevent the spreading of this virus, and he said to one of our reporters: “I’m really concerned about the damage that the Coldvirus could do”. After this new lockdown, Iceland’s citizens have expressed their feelings of fear but also shock regarding the strong measures that were taken by the president. A lot of shops and businesses owners are upset because this lockdown is putting at risk the country’s economy.The authorities are now facing a lot of trouble, they are discussing what measures will be the best to prevent a large spread of this virus and for them, it would be better to do a new general lockdown. EU sues AstraZeneca The European Commission says it has launched legal actions against the UKSwedish company AstraZeneca for the occurrence of strange mysterious mutations after multiple shots within the french city paris. The European Commission said on Monday: „that it absolutely was taking the pharma AstraZeneca to court for a clear stage of contract after a variety of mutations.“ In the former contract the corporate promised that through several pre studies there was no actual chance of heavy serious side effects. twitter comments “the commission has started last friday legal actions against AstraZeneca,“ a spokesperson said in an exceedingly press conference, adding that each one 27 EU states backed the move. „some terms of the contract haven't been respected, and therefore the company has not been in an exceedingly position to come back up with a reliable strategie to confirm the well being of the citizens,“ thespokesperson said. But one EU diplomat warned that the move could have a „chilling effect“ on investment in europe's drug industry within the future. 13


Genre that is most listened to in Europe Music is for all people different, some cant go a day without but some can. Some people make music for a living and others do it for fun. There are also different types of music, so there is for anyone something. Though everyone knows that, what is the genre of music that is most listened to in Europe? In this article u can find the answer. In every country it can be different, you got different languages all over the world. That means that music is also in all sorts of languages. There is no way that all people listen to the same thing and same type of music. Although there are some genres more popular then others. In 2020 the biggest music genre was R&B. There is a top 5 with the top 5 music genres in the world. The first one is rock, the second one country, then rap, followed up by k pop and then hip hop. Even though that's nice to know it doesn't answer our question, what is the genre of music that is most listened to in Europe. Luckily there has been a research about it. Not only did the research show what Europeans listen to but also how many times Europeans listen to music . Some listen to it once in a week but results show that Europeans listen to it everyday. 80% of all Europeans listens to music everyday. The other 20% listens to music once in a week or once a month. That research also showed that a big part of Europe listens to hip hop. 67,2% listens to hip hop in all over Europe. Though you might wonder what the rest listens to seeming as it's not 100%. Well to answer that question, the other 32,8% listens to rock music. So it turns out that despite the differences and the different languages a big part of Europe loves the same music. This is a very common question in modern society. March 8th is the International Women’s day, but what is the point of “celebrating” women if they are not respected every day? A lot of women say that “internationalwomen’s day” doesn’t make sense, because they want to be respected everyday and not only one time a year. Nevertheless, the role of women in society has improved over time. In the past, women were completely submissive to men because of the patriarchate, they were supposed to be devoted only to houseworks and in the growth of children, in addition all the choices were entrusted to the husband. Currently, women can have a career, even if they have more difficulty and often less chances than men. Anyway, we can find this kind of disparity even in simpler situations like sport. In fact it is known that for many years some sports were forbidden to women and, even today, women are sometimes discriminated againstin certain physical activities. This can be seen in football since women's football has only existed since 1968 and it is still today seen as less important than men's football. In other words, the condition of women has improved considerably throughout history, however thereare still many things that need to be changed. Are men and women treated equally? 15

Fashion and the evolution of catwalks Everything evolves over time, and large markets, such as haute couture, need to find constant novelties to keep the public's attention. This, however, no longer only applies to clothing: the locations of fashion shows are starting to play an important role and creativity is the basis for success. For some years now, the big brands have been surprising us by choosing totally unexpected and fresh locations, which in some way reflect the soul of the collection; among the most extraordinary examples are: the presentation of Yves Saint Laurent's Spring-Summer 2021 women's collection in the Sahara desert, Dolce&Gabbana in the Temple of Concordia in Agrigento and finally Jacquemus' SpringSummer 2020 fashion show in the lavender fields of Provence. Regarding the first case, Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello himself states "I wanted to focus on the essence of things. I think that's a sign of the times. But I didn't want anything dark or heavy. The desert, for me, symbolises that desire for serenity, open space, a slower rhythm. The clothes are also softer, the spirit of the collection is kinder, more naked." Concerning the second one, the two designers decided to bring their models to the land of their birth: their Sicily, where the temples are reminiscent of ancient myths and passionate gods that continue to attract the wonder of many still today. The combination of the high quality clothes and the overwhelming location transmitted a deliberate idea of the eternity of fashion, and in particular their own, that of Dolce&Gabbana. Jacquemus, on the other hand, chooses a more colourful landscape, recalling the seasons of his collection, and a pink catwalk; a scenario that brings to mind paintings by Hockney ( in particular, The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire of 2011 ), Paul Cézanne and Jean Lurçat, in which the collection "Le coup de Soleil" has found its source of inspiration. In fact, the designer himself explains "With this catwalk, some people will only remember the lavender, others will see the resemblance to Hockney's painting". Nowadays, a fashion show no longer consists only of clothes, but includes all the clothes linked to the setting and the values or concepts that you want to convey. What will be the next breathtaking location? 16

The European Commission has recently published a bill that will have an influence on all of Europe. They want to equalize the holidays of all countries in Europe. The European Commission came up with this idea because they don't want some countries to have more holidays than other countries, says spokesman of the European Commission; Mina Andreeva. The bill has been sent to the European parlement. After a long night of debating in Brussels the European parlement finally came to a decision, they have announced that they indeed want to equalize the holidays of all the countries in Europe. This decision will have differentconsequences for the countries. For example, when all the countries have the same summer holiday, it will be much busier in the tourism sector. This will be good for the economy, since there will be more expenses. But when all the tourism comes at once the economy of the tourism sector will only have certain periods that are prosperous. This change can have more negative outcomes. Since the people going on a holiday won't be spreaded anymore there will be problems, such as over booked flight and hotels. This would mean that airlines cannot handle all thepeople wanting booking a flight. So to conclude things, all the European countries will soon have the same holidays. And the countries just have towait and see if that is indeed a good decision. Tinder warns users for COVID-19 All holidays the same for each country (Liza) Holidays in Europe equalized Tinder is warning hook-up seekers to maintain a “social distance” to protect against the new coronavirus. It’s difficult to maintain a social distance on a date — or in bed. But, in a pop-up alert headlined: “Your wellbeing is our #1 priority,” the dating app suggested keeping a “social distance” in public gatherings. It appears when users swipe through profiles for potential dates, USA Today reported. Ti“Tinder is a great place to meet new people,” the message said. “While we want you to continue having fun, protecting yourself from the Coronavirus is more important.” The alert then offers safety tips: “Wash your hands frequently, carry hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, maintain social distance in public gatherings.” It also links to the World Health Organization site for more recommendations and other information on COVID-19 17

Art: (Leonardo Da Vinci), italian people say that French have stolen the “Gioconda” from Italy. There was a lot of talk about the fact that the French had stolen a very beautiful and very famous painting from Italy,and reference was made to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci was a great Italian artist of the Renaissance period who painted many different works, including the Mona Lisa. As everyone knows, it was Leonardo himself who brought the Mona Lisa with him to France and it was bought, along with other works, by Francis I. The painting has been in France since 1517. The painting has been in France since 1517, as evidenced by an entry by Canon Antonio de Beatis, secretary to Cardinal Louis of Aragon, who recorded the meeting between Leonardo da Vinci and Louis of Aragon in his diary. According to some, it was Leonardo himself who gave it to the king. So it was not stolen by Napoleon, as some still believe. There is, however, a strong link with Bonaparte, first of all it seems that he loved the Mona Lisa so much that he put itin the bedroom of his wife Josephine and then, later, he had it exhibited in the Louvre (museum located in France)which at the time was called Musée Napoléon. In spite of the fact that there are these testimonies stating that the painting was not stolen from Italy, and that theItalian population should not try in any way to "steal" it back, there are many people who do not think so, perhapsbecause they are very attached to the painting, or are just "stubborn" or uninformed, and this is often the main reasonwhy many debates take place, and most of the time, they are useless debates based on untrue knowledge. Short sentence for terrorist. The terrorist Gökmen T. Has been acquitted. After his attack on an express tram at the 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht, in the morning of 18 march at 10:45 The man shot 3 people to dead and 7 heavily injured. He was quickly caught by the police. He is guilty of murder (article 289), and terrorist motive (article 83 and 83A). He didn’t want a lawyer because he is no democrat. He managed to only get 10 years sentenced, because there is proof that he has been forced to do this. He also was mentally ill and that’s one of the main reasons he got a low sentence. The victims are shocked that there is such a low sentence for this crime. He was mad at everyone for not believing him that he had been forced to do something so horrible. That’s why he misbehaved in court. after the court day, one of the heavily injured victims died. He got lucky because otherwise he would have had a much longer sentenced. The police are searching for the man who gave Gökmen T. the order to commit his crime. the name of the man is not told by the government, and Gökmen T. Is getting protection. 18


Masks are not working - solution becomes problem The masks we are using right now, don’t work well: even though the government says we need to wear them to prevent the virus from spreading it often speeds the spreading of the virus up and ends up beingcounterproductive. Every time you put your mask on you touch your face and this makes it very easy to get the virus on your hands and give it to other people. The new masks have a higher quality and are more durable than the mask out of the EU. The masks out ofthe EU keep the virus and spread it on your skin. But what most people don’t know is that the masks used in Europe are not fromEurope! The “Lzomato” masks Indian company that produces our masks makes use ofcheap materials and that can’t keep us safe. We also discovered that the employees are not all in possession of a regular contract and some of them work 16 hours aday. The mask production in the Eu is controlled and so the quality standards are much higher than out of the EU. Artificial intelligence is life or dead for people Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the beginning of a new era. The computers are becoming more smart and are used in many applications. In fact AI is already in use. All cameras already have face recognition software installed and are spying on everyone. The EU-parliament neglects making regulations to stop the uprising of AI. What is AI? Artificial intelligence are computers preforming complex tasks. These tasks could only be previously executed by humans. The technology is getting smarter and computers already can make arcuate face recognitions. Imagine the possibility’s given five years of research. This seems pretty harmless at fist site. AI could solve hunger problems or maybe cure the whole world of diseases like corona and cancer. “So why would there be regulations?” you might ask. The problem is that we don’t understand AI, so hacker or a big organisation like the EU could take advantage of the AI. Face recognition is already in use to control people. Artificial intelligence is life or dead for people We all know the difficult time we are going through because of the virus, countries faced with this difficulty have acted differently. On 23 January the Dutch Government, for example, imposed a curfew from 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. In this way the government hopes to minimize infections, but in reality this has led to a number of protests, in particular those in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which resulted in violent acts. There were more clashes with the police and only last night 180 people were arrested. According to the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir” some shop windows were destroyed and their goods looted. About these violent acts, the prime minister Mark Rutte condemned the violence posting on Twitter that "This criminal violence must end". The imposition of curfew became necessary with the spread of coronavirus and above all due to the threat of new variants. 20

Pigeons: The oldest spy tool since hour one The government is using the coronavirus to give them an opportunity to refill the batteries on the pigeons,which are actually cameras designed by the government. The pigeons are designed to spy on oblivious civilians to make the averageperson not notice it. Luckily we haven’t been fooled and have realized what the government is trying to spy on our families. The pigeons are the perfect eye for the government because they are everywhere,they are fast,they arewell programmed and theyare vestibules one they are cute and therefore do not stand out. But the cameras and the batteries are not long-lasting, so they need to be replaced every 10years so they probably haven't been charged since the economic crisis in 2008. So the government had to invent something so that the pigeons could berecharged. The coronavirus was created to give the government a chance to refill the batteries. There is further evidence that pigeons are being scattered by the government because as we said before, pigeons have been there since the first hour. Of course, it is difficult to prove this, but fortunately, a video was found in which a pigeon saluted the Russian president (pic.1) or a very old prototype of a spy tool(Pic.3). The famous one is thepigeons with Donald Trump. So be careful when pigeons are near, this is the reason why you shouldnever feed a pigeon. They can spy on you and listen to your private conversations. One advantage is that the pigeons can hear and listen toprivate stuff like plans for illegal activity. Here we got evidence: Putin was walking down the street when a pigeonmade a greeting to him. One of the near shops has luckily recordedeverything. Ebola is back in Europe On Sunday 16 February Oscar (49) went with his wife Sofia (43) and the kids (7, 4 and 1,5 years) on vacation to Africa. After a busy work- and schoolperiod they thought it was time to relax a little together. But this didn’t work out as they had planned. They were only four days on vacation when the husband of Sofia got sick and had heavy diarrhea in his residence in Kumasi. The next day it got even worse and he felt also pain in his muscles and throat. Oscar and Sofia decided together to go back to Denmark, their hometown, so that Oscar could get better at home. Heavy disappointment by the kids, but it was still the most important that Oscar would get better. However, when they arrived at the airport in Denmark, the pain got even worse and they decided to get the doctor from the airport to check up on Oscar. The doctor noted that it wasn’t the recent Corona- virus, because they were not the right symptoms. What Oscar did have was Ebola and the doctor wanted to do a contactrequest with, among other persons, the flight attendants from the airline company. We don’t know how quickly this will spread, but avoid at all times body contact! 21

Britain is sending a huge naval force through some ofthe tensest waters in Asia "China's increasing power and international assertiveness are likely to be the most significant geopoliticalfactor of the 2020s," the review said, describing Beijing as "the biggest state-based threat to the UK'seconomic security" . The review said Britain planned to increase its military presence around the world. Monday's announcement of thescope of the carrier strike group reinforced that."The most significant deployment of its kind for a quarter of a century, it is a visible demonstration of the Royal Navy's resurgence after decades of contraction," Commodore Steve Moorhouse, commander of the strike group, said in a statement."As our nation redefines its place in the world post-Brexit, it is the natural embodiment of the government's 'Global Britain' agenda. And against a backdrop of growinginstability and competition, it reflects the United Kingdom's continued commitment to global security," Moorhouse said.Japan welcomed the UK's announcement, saying the carrier strike group's visit will elevate the longstanding relationship between Tokyo and London to a "new level." It also said the deployment demonstrates "the UK commitment and Japan-UK collaboration to uphold and reinforce a 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific' in the realm ofsecurity and defence," according to a statement from Japan's Defense Ministry. In Monday's carrier strike group announcement, the Defense Ministry said the deployment is aimed toward a deeper UK security role in the region, with exercises planned alongside India, Japan and South Korea, and US forces in the region. When asked in March about the British deployment as well as French military activity in the South China Sea, China's Defense Ministry said Beijing «firmly opposes any country interfering in regional affairs under the pretext of 'freedom of navigation and damaging the common interests of regional countries. Japan welcomed the UK's announcement, saying the carrier strike group's visit will elevate the longstanding relationshipbetween Tokyo and London to a «new level. 22

Airplanes to reduce Co2: we are in the modern era. Climate change is one of the main problems of our era. The solutions adopted since the formation of the ozone hole have proved themselves effective but slow. A big idea has recently appearedand it is astonishing. A group of scientists have found out that the combustion in the turbines of airplanes does not release CO2, they release a chemical called Hydroxydiphenyl Enthan Acid that breaks down the CO2. The idea has enlightened the mind of Richard Henderson during his last project inside a laboratory in the University of Edinburgh wherehe works. Then he asked at the department of physics where he found some collaborators such as JocelynBell and Roger Penrose. The chemical worked like a tree, but it was simplified by Henderson. Now thechemical doesn’t work like the tree but slowly with the process of absorbing theleaves. The Turbines of the Plane spray the Chemical so it goes 1 to 1 directly from CO2 to oxygen. It varies from poison to a healthy gas for your lungs? The chemical is similar to photosynthesis because there is an exchangebetween different protons and electrons so that the structure of the substance changes and a completely new substance is created. So the chemical is a mix:chemicals from the catalytic converter from your car and the photosynthesis from the tree, so the elements nature and technique are mixed. The formula is neither harmful to humans nor animals, this has been confirmed twice by independent organisations once the WHO, the world health Organisation and one from the german Robert-Koch institute. The famous NASA engineer Mark Polansky has collaborated on the project and he says that the effective start is scheduled for 2035. The project has already started but the economic aspect is one of the biggest issues toresolve. The creators are searching for some investors. They asked Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos but sadly it seems that no one wantsto invest in this project. Studious after much researches, experiments and studies have found that these emissions are necessary for good maintenance of the environment. It’s believed that with these emissions the future will be better than thepresent. Therefore this extraordinary idea could change a lot the present conditions of our climate and put an end toone of the main problems of the contemporary era. 23

SUPER LEAGUE A new announcement disclosed the creation of the ‘Super League’, that involves 12 of the most influential and important soccer clubs of Europe, including Juventus, Inter and Milan. This created a real chaos in the organisms that rule the world wide soccer and a big discussion on the newspapers, tvs and social networks. They want to build a global championship that will replace the current Champions League. However, the consequences of this new ‘Super League’, especially regarding economics. Many, in fact, think that the whole sport of soccer, the most followed sport in the world, would be extremely transformed by this agreement and change radically, losing all his charm. What’s the ‘Super League’? The Super League would be a football annual european championship. It is planned for the next sports season. 15 clubs in the Super League would participate. The 12 founding clubs are Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcellona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter and Milan and three others that will be announced soon. The matches will be played during the week. Another important aspect is the fact that the ‘Super League’ won’t be run by the UEFA, but by the club directly. The president will be Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid. What is going to change? This would bring to high-level matches with competent and good teams and a plan has been studied so that the strongest ones don't have to fight each other in the first phases of the competition, so that they will be reserved for the end. This would bring a high level of attention to this new championship, so the teams will probably have less interest in competing in their national championship. Without the 15 founding teams, the Champions League and all the national matches would lose their aim. Moreover, with the actual calendars the players risk to play around 80 matches. Why do they do that? It’s all about money. The 15 founding clubs are companies that bill hundreds of millions dollars of euros each year. A competition that assure fixed revenues and a higher spectacularity rate for matches (that means more profitable TV contracts) affected the main european matches. Causes of the annulment The Super League was canceled because a player of Atletico Madrid was found positive for doping. The annulment is due to Luis Suarez that was found positive to an anti-doping control. In fact, his urine test has shown that he tried to manipulate the game using a large amount of testosterone to become more resistant and strong. He has been impeached by the FIDAL. At first, he denied everything saying that he had just drunk an energetic drink before the match. However, after further investigations, he had to admit his culpability. His words “ I just wanted to be as competitive as the others, so I thought it would have been a good idea”. After this admission, the TAS has definitely expelled him from any kind of competition for 4 years and 6 months. REBUTTAL of the fake news Actually the Superleague was cancelled because many clubs dropped out and abandoned the Superleague, also because the UEFA wanted to take measures against the clubs. EXPEDIENTS We mentioned a real soccer player Luis Suarez, however he has nothing to do with drugs. We alluded to international organizations that deal with these aspects that give reliability and credibility to the article. 24