CLOUD INFRA 08 Were most of your answers either B or C? Then it would be highly recommended that you review your digital infrastructure and make the right adjustments where needed. Are you looking for an expert who can guide you in this process and take your worries away? Feel free to apply for a consultancy with one of our experts. Did you answer A to most questions? Then your current digital infrastructure is adequate and tailored to your organization? Do you want your digital infrastructure to remain futureproof? We will consult with you about this, to look at what will offer the greatest benefit to your company. Perform the scan annually to ensure that you retain a good overview of your ICT infrastructure. 8. Does your infrastructure conform to all laws and regulations or ISO certifications? (Want to know more? Read chapter 6) Does your infrastructure comply with the laws and regulations, and does it meet the scope of ISO 27001? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like it to 9. Are you able to flexibly upscale and downscale your infrastructure in line with a desired situation? (Want to know more? Read chapter 3) Can you upscale easily, for example when you want to process additional data, or want to test a proof of concept? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like to 10. Is your current infrastructure and organization suitable for a go-to-market strategy for your innovations? (Want to know more? Read chapter 2) Suppose you’d want to further digitize your services or start offering new services to the market, is this possible using your existing infrastructure? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like to