Choose your programme and check the requirements Requirements for admission • A diploma and/or B.Sc. degree in the desired field of study. • Working experience (3 years or more) in the desired field of study. • It is essential to speak, read and write English well (send results of a language test: TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based), (79-80 internet- based), or 213 (computerbased) and 6 for IELTS). Such a test must be added to the application in case English is not the first language in your country. • Willingness to work in group assignments and performmanual work during the programme. • You will need approval of your employer. Apply with your own financial means or funding by sponsor? If you are paying for the programme independently, the requirements differ from the requirements for scholarships. Besides that you can apply up to two months prior to the start of the programme. Please send an email to before you start application. Information about fellowships Check out the various scholarships. Start looking into fellowships right away, as many of them have early deadlines. Check to see which fellowship you might be eligible for: • • Orange Fellowship Programmes • • MENA Scholarship Programme • • StuNed Scholarship programme Take note of important application deadlines and submit your application. Start the admission process for your study programme by completing the Aeres TCI application form and supplying the requested documents; email those to Apply online for a fellowship Follow the link in the provisional admission email to start your online fellowship application. You will have to digitize and upload a number of documents in DELTA, so that your application will be valid: • Motivation document; distinguish yourself with a well-written personal motivation (minimum 50 and maximum 1000 characters per question). • What is the issue or problem you wish to address in your country? • Howwill this course enable you to address this issue? • Howwill you address this issue concerning your position within your organisation? Employer statement and implementation plan • Copy of a valid passport. • A government statement (obligatory for a number of countries). NOTE: incomplete applications are not taken into consideration. What comes next? We review your application form, and inform you by email whether you are eligible.When you are eligible we will send you a provisional admission email with a link to DELTA, the online registration programme of Nuffic. Follow the link in the provisional admission email to start your online fellowship application. Use that to apply for a OKP or MSP fellowship. Should you be eligible for StuNed, you will receive an email with further information about this scholarship. Fill in the application form to apply for a programme. Application checklist