Darwin Plants

Ever since its establishment in 1989, Kébol has been an ambitious and innovative player in the global market for high-quality flower bulbs and perennials. All activities within our family firm spring from fascination and love for flower bulbs and perennials. As an expert supplier, we master every aspect of the horticultural business: from breeding, growing and preparation to marketing and distribution. With you we share our passion for colourful products that make people smile all over the world. This has been the starting point for many of our long-term relationships in the market. Working together with Kébol has even more advantages: • Broad expertise throughout the supply chain: breeding, growing, preparing, marketing and distribution • High-quality standards • First-class customer service • In-house sourcing and procurement • A wealth of skilled and experienced staff With devotion to horticultural products and the right expertise to grow and sell top-quality products, Kébol makes a huge difference in the market! Your reliable partner With a wide product range we serve the market demands of several target groups (retail, mail order, wholesale, institutional markets and individual growers). Our excellent working relationship with growers and our customers enable us to supply a reliable product. Reliable in the sense of quality, delivery, logistics, cultivation support, product innovation and service. Market leader in Amaryllis As a market leader in Amaryllis, we take pride in our ability to grow such a splendid product in Brazil and Peru in a responsible manner. The right climatic conditions ensure we get beautiful, healthy amaryllis bulbs of top quality, perfect for dry sales and pot production. Home & Garden Aiming at retail sales and mail order, Kébol has developed a number of attractive packaging lines. Our home & garden program varies from economy assortments for supermarkets to wider ranges for garden centres. Each season, these lines are updated with new varieties and presented in an easy-reference catalogue. At Kébol we closely follow lifestyle trends. Product selection and package design are carefully geared towards customer preferences observed within your target groups. Bareroot Perennials We offer the most comprehensive and creative range of bare root perennials on the market. All sourced from cutting-edge genetics and breeders around the world suited for wholesale and landscape growers, garden centres and mail order. With 30 years’ experience in this market, we have built a strong reputation for high quality bare roots, innovative varieties and vast knowledge of these products. With the products of Darwin Plants by Kébol you are able to successfully grow and sell perennial plants. Johan Bergman Purchaser + 31 6 10966356 Yvonne van der Linden Sales Support Mark van Duyn Sales & Purchaser +31 6 53507394 Linda van den Berg Sales Support Nick Kopjes Nieman Sales Support Kees van der Meij Sales + 31 6 51389586 Fred Meiland Sales +31 6 51311152 Patricia Kortekaas Sales Support Yulia Morozova Sales +31 6 10978823 Timmo Draaisma Sales +31 6 20612144 Jos van der Drift Managing Director +31 6 51185460 Sales “Unlimited flexibility in product selection and logistics.” Sharing our passion for flower bulbs and perennials MPS Kébol MPS-GAP no: 804698 MPS-GAP is an excellent certificate for delivery to supermarkets or other retailers. MPS-GAP means proven traceability, safety and hygiene of your products. SKAL Kébol Skal no: 105453 The Pure assortment is Skal-certified (100% organic). Skal Biocontrole, the control authority, is dedicated to proving the reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. Certified