THE ORIGINS OF PRS The story of PRS started in the mid-nineties, in Germany, when the German chemical industry council (VCI) started working on a concept for a sustainable, circular collection and recycling system for packaging and palletising. The initiative was embraced by Plastics Europe (then APME), the joint European polymer producers. Together, they came up with an industry-wide concept based on standard, re-usable CP-style pallets. They called it the “Pallet Return System” which later became abbreviated to PRS. Next step was to find a company that could actually put PRS into practice and manage re-use and shared use on a European level. With over 100 years of experience in quality pallets, Faber Halbertsma Group won the bid. It founded a new company – FHG PRS Management BV – and built a European network of depots, suppliers, carriers and collection service centers. Now, many years later, the original participants remain customers of PRS. At PRS, we are proud of this heritage. Our pooling system really was created by the industry, for the industry. As a unique collaborative circular economic model that reduces waste by promoting re-use, It may be more relevant than ever. Because who knew,in 1996, that sustainability and circularity would become such crucial factors in the petrochemical industry of today? 1996 1997 TODAY Return System