Gauris Water Storage Tank Gauris is right at home in the world of water storage. Water Tanks holds no secrets for us. What is more, we can make them in any size, any volume, any material thickness, and we can even make them for any application. Our water tanks are custom-made, even in larger production runs. We do this our- selves in our new production facility in Heerenveen, Friesland, where we are able to work dimensionally stable using the latest equipment. Gauris controls the entire process, from taking the order to delivering the water tank to you in person on site. We can offer storage solutions for rainwater, drainage water, irrigation water as well as for drinking water, waste water, slow sand filtration, manure and sludge storage. We are seeing a growing demand across the world for water storage and a need to improve sanitary facilities. That is why we have recently added the development of concepts for purifying and storing drinkingwater to our product portfolio which will form an important cornerstone for the future. The Gauris Water Storage Tank is composed of panels with two different dimensions. The short panel measures 2,300 mm and the long panel measures 3,048 mm. The panels have a protective galvanised coating. The newly developed Magnelis® galvanisation offers far higher resistance against red and white rust than any other method of galvanisation. The wave profile is increased from 18 mm to 20 mm which makes the tanks considerably firmer and more rigid. The steel panels are available in sizes which are easy to transport and they fit perfectly in a truck or container.