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CLOUD INFRA 02 Contents 1. Introduction 04 Digiscan 05 2. Consultancy 09 • How do you ensure that your digital infrastructure can continue to safeguard the business continuity? 09 • What is the added value of consultancy? 09 • What could a consultant do for you? 09 3. Cloud 10 • How can you upscale and downscale your infrastructure flexibly in line with the desired situation? • Why so many organizations switch to the cloud 10 • Here’s how you too can successfully transition to the cloud 10 • The best cloud solution for your organization 11 1 2 3

03 4. Colocation 12 • How do you ensure a safe and reliable place for your data? • Why colocation? 12 • What are the advantages and what should you look out for? 12 5. Connectivity 14 • How do you ensure optimal availability? 14 • Why is connectivity so important? 15 • What do you need to look out for? 15 6. Are you ready for the future? 16 • How can you ensure a futureproof digital infrastructure. 16 • Why work together with Cloud Infra? 16 7. Contact 18 • How can we help you? 18 4 5 6

It is becoming clear to more and more companies that they will need to take a different approach to maintain the availability of their data and IT environment. Are you one of those companies who see digital transformation as a top priority? CLOUD INFRA 04 1. Introduction Does your digital infrastructure still align with your current business model?

05 Digiscan To avoid misalignment between your application landscape and the needs of your organization, a number of steps can be identified for successfully deploying and completing a digital transformation strategy. Think, for example, of organizing processes, making technical choices, engaging all partners in a timely manner and ensuring that implementation of the process is not rushed. With the support of the right experts, together you will determine suitable cloud, colocation and connectivity solutions. This way, you ensure that your digital infrastructure aligns with your business model and future goals. Does your organization meet the demands and possibilities of the digital era we are living in? Complete the digiscan here and find out what processes still require your attention. 1. Does your digital infrastructure still match your business model? (Want to know more? Read chapter 2) Will your employees be working in a hybrid format, from home and on site, in what ratio, and have you adapted your connectivity to those needs yet? Will you be further digitizing your services? To what extent will you be incorporating 5G, AI or IOT into your business model? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, intend to review 2. Would you be able to cut costs in your current digital infrastructure? (Want to know more? Read chapter 3) By choosing a hybrid format or multi-cloud strategy, you might be able to generate cost savings, especially when looking at your investments (capex versus opex) in hardware, there may be opportunities to cut costs. Outsourcing could also be an option to save on costs. A: Not necessary B: I don’t know C: Yes

CLOUD INFRA 06 3. Is your digital infrastructure still suitable for processing the ever-growing quantities of data? (Want to know more? Read chapter 5) We are collecting more and more data, but there is also a trend for unlocking and using that data. Processing large quantities of data requires greater bandwidth while keeping latency low. A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, probably not 4. Does your digital infrastructure safeguard the business continuity of your organization? (Want to know more? Read chapter 2) What happens when your data and applications become unreachable? What impact does this have and what costs or loss of revenue does it result in? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, I am running a risk

07 5. Is the administration of your infrastructure adequately safeguarded? (Want to know more? Read chapter 4) Do you have sufficient knowledge and employees available to manage your infrastructure? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, I could really use some help 6. Is the speed of your infrastructure still adequate? (Want to know more? Read chapter 5) Many work processes require that data is available quickly, low latency. A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, colleagues are complaining about it 7. Is the security of your infrastructure in order? (Want to know more? Read chapter 6) How are your crown jewels and data protected against possible intruders? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, we need to do something about it

CLOUD INFRA 08 Were most of your answers either B or C? Then it would be highly recommended that you review your digital infrastructure and make the right adjustments where needed. Are you looking for an expert who can guide you in this process and take your worries away? Feel free to apply for a consultancy with one of our experts. Did you answer A to most questions? Then your current digital infrastructure is adequate and tailored to your organization? Do you want your digital infrastructure to remain futureproof? We will consult with you about this, to look at what will offer the greatest benefit to your company. Perform the scan annually to ensure that you retain a good overview of your ICT infrastructure. 8. Does your infrastructure conform to all laws and regulations or ISO certifications? (Want to know more? Read chapter 6) Does your infrastructure comply with the laws and regulations, and does it meet the scope of ISO 27001? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like it to 9. Are you able to flexibly upscale and downscale your infrastructure in line with a desired situation? (Want to know more? Read chapter 3) Can you upscale easily, for example when you want to process additional data, or want to test a proof of concept? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like to 10. Is your current infrastructure and organization suitable for a go-to-market strategy for your innovations? (Want to know more? Read chapter 2) Suppose you’d want to further digitize your services or start offering new services to the market, is this possible using your existing infrastructure? A: Yes B: I don’t know C: No, but I would like to

09 What is the added value of consultancy? Most organizations do not have adequate in-house expertise when it comes to IT. Because consultants perform assignments for many different companies in a short period of time, they accumulate lots of knowledge and experience. They use that knowledge and expertise to help make the right choices for the digital transformation of your organization. What could a consultant do for you? The transition into the cloud has a huge technical and organizational impact on your organization. Therefore, it is important to choose a consultant you can build up a good relationship with. So that your vision is translated into the right strategy and final design. After your approval, the consultant ensures that the services you’ve requested are delivered in a timely manner. 2. Consultancy How do you ensure that your digital infrastructure can continue to safeguard the business continuity? Altrecht ‘’ Our IT environment is no longer a stress factor and that gives us peace.”

With a hybrid cloud environment, you retain full control over the administration of your application and data landscape and gain innovative capacity and competitive strength. Without having to regularly make adjustments in your IT infrastructure yourself, or having to purchase expensive hardware. In a hybrid environment, the dynamic management and relocating of workloads, applications and data between environments becomes child’s play. Why are so many companies transferring to the cloud? More than half of Dutch businesses is already using cloud services. A logical choice, because it offers many advantages. You can focus (back) on your core tasks by outsourcing administrative tasks. Investment in hardware will no longer be necessary. So, plenty of reasons to optimize your business processes based on a reliable and scalable digital infrastructure. But, how do you ensure a smooth transition? Here’s how you too can successfully transition to the cloud The transition into the cloud has a huge technical and organizational impact on your organization. It all begins with a strategy linked to the right vision. Therefore, it is important to consult with CLOUD INFRA 10 How do you as an organization remain innovative, scalable, versatile and flexible? Developments and solutions are following each other in close succession and, as an organization, you want to be able to quickly respond to and profit from them. 3. Cloud How can you upscale and down- scale your infrastructure flexibly in line with the desired situation?

a solution architect to look at what cloud solutions fit into your business strategy. What components of your infrastructure will you be moving to the cloud and which ones not (yet)? So that, subsequently, together with the solution architect, you can make a plan of approach including relevant timelines. It is important to make clear agreements so that the expectations on all sides are managed. Which will allow the success of your cloud transition to be measured against the results you achieve. The best cloud solution for your organization What is the best cloud solution for you? In addition to functional requirements, costs, speed, flexibility, security, availability and scalability also play important roles. And so do the requirements and limitations imposed by laws and regulations. Is a public cloud adequate for you or are you leaning more towards a hybrid solution, or do you want to put everything onto an IaaS platform? What fits best with your business model? 11 Municipality Molenwaard ‘’ The importance of cloud connectivity for the municipality is primarily that we are able to exchange information quickly between administration levels.’’

Why colocation? Is your own on-site datacenter the best solution for you? Or is your company better off with an external datacenter? Perhaps you would prefer to go with a mixed format, with your IT infrastructure being hosted both at your site and with an external party. Colocation is a safe and reliable way to host your IT infrastructure. Because the organization of your hardware is taken off your hands, you will be in an even better position to guarantee the continuity and stability of your IT infrastructure. Being always online and available. That is the foundation your company can grow on. By housing your IT infrastructure with a Tier III datacenter, you make that stable foundation a reality for your company. What are the advantages and what should you look out for? Accessibility – there is a good chance that there is a data center ‘around the corner’ from your company. That isn’t just convenient for the daily management and maintenance of your servers in the datacenter, but it also saves costs, for example for connections. In addition, a ‘local’ datacenter positively affects the quick availability of important information (client data, financial data, stock data, logistics data). 4. Colocation How do you ensure a safe and reliable place for your data? CLOUD INFRA 12 Is an in-house data center on-premise the best solution for you? Or would your company benefit more of an external data center?

13 Availability – A colocation supplier with multiple datacenters can provide a twin datacenter solution. All locations are connected with each other by way of a redundant fiber-optic network. For example through the use of a twin datacenter solution across different locations in the Netherlands, or a twin datacenter solution consisting of your own in-house datacenter and a secondary environment in a datacenter. Given that the datacenter operator has multiple locations at their disposal, you can also easily mitigate the risks of downtime. Security – The datacenter offers high-level security and does not allow access to unauthorized parties. The absence of the human factor is an added advantage, provided of course that the datacenter offers a completely automated access protocol for entry. That means that, even in times of crisis, you always have full access to your servers. Sustainability – Sustainability and environmental friendliness have become incredibly important pillars of our society. Even in your search for the right experts for your digital infrastructure this is a notable factor that should not be forgotten. You can think of datacenters with, among other things, climate control, residual heat, cold corridors, smart lighting and sustainable materials. But there are many more processes and activities a datacenter can incorporate to work as sustainably as possible. Ensure you are properly informed about this. NewVM “ Together we can offer our clients the best of two worlds: Both a stable fiber-optic connection and a reliable business location for housing their IT environment. And all of it under one roof.”

Our refrigerator, thermostat and car. What is left that isn’t connected to the internet these days? Cities are gradually transformed into Smart Cities. The security of our ‘connected’ life therefore deserves the highest priority. CLOUD INFRA 14 5. Connectivity How do you ensure optimal availability?

15 Colocation (housing) and connectivity are also essential aspects for the continuity of your business operations. With a business internet connection or fiber-optic connection, you have sufficient options at your disposal, even if you have ambitions for growth. It will be our pleasure to help you in your safe transition to an IT infrastructure that is available 24/7 from any (work) location. Why is connectivity so important? The Netherlands is digitally transforming. Connectivity is the link between your IT services, which always have to be available quickly. An unexpected outage of a network connection can have significant consequences for your organization. And what if your applications or company data are temporarily unavailable? Nowadays, services are increasingly managed from datacenters. But any type of cloud environment also starts in a datacenter, therefore it is essential that you have a reliable network at your disposal. A network that is safe and that you can rely on for processes to remain operational, even in the event of malfunctions. Secure yourself against outages in a switch and/or your entire network by having other switches automatically take on the work (redundancy). Make sure you’re adequately prepared. What do you need to look out for? Firstly, you’ll have to choose what bandwidth you need and what your speed requirements are (is it important for you to send and/or receive data in the blink of an eye?). Are there data streams that, for reasons of privacy sensitive information, are not allowed to be sent over the internet? Are you at a high risk if your internet connection unexpectedly drops, then geographically separated connections (redundancy) may be interesting for you. Ask your questions, state your wishes and your requirements, and receive a suitable proposal.zijn. Discuss your questions, wishes and requirements for an appropriate proposal. Atos Digital Security NL ‘’ At Eurofiber Cloud Infra we offer the possibility of obtaining a connection for a short period of time. The reliable connections can be provided immediately, and we really understand each other at a professional level.”

Do you need help? We will be happy to support you, as a partner in your digital transformation. Through building up a good relationship and getting to know your organization, we will, together, search for a fitting solution for your organization. We operate from an open model and neutral policy. We will advise you throughout your digital transformation, provide the right services at the right time and proactively offer smart (cloud) solutions. Complete destressing with regard to your digital transformation that takes responsibility for your business. In addition, it is important to us that you remain completely free to choose, we operate an open model and neutral policy, and you can decide for yourself what services you wish to acquire Safety and privacy are top priorities for us. That is why we are constantly innovating, making improvements and (re)certifying. Cloud Infra holds the ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 certifications and an ISAE-3402 type II declaration. Why work together with Cloud Infra? Cloud Infra distinguishes itself as a reliable partner that thinks along with you and guides you through every step of the administration and storage of your data. With our years of experience in the IT 16 6. Are you ready for the future? How can you ensure a future- proof digital infrastructure. The future won’t wait, and it is becoming ever more important to ensure that your digital infrastructure closely aligns with your business model. Are you ready for the future? CLOUD INFRA

business, we know exactly what is going on and understand that digital transformation is a process that can never be completed all at once. As experts in the creation of complete digital infrastructures, we can guide you and help to make this process run as smoothly as possible. Through a personal approach and really getting to know your organization, together with you we will create a digital infrastructure that aligns with the needs of your company. All managed from a platform. When everything has been set up in accordance with your wishes, you can manage many things very quickly and entirely by yourself. such as viewing power usage in real time or requesting patches. You can also quickly, and with flexible lead times, arrange datacenter interconnectivity, or perform controlled mergers of your digital infrastructure into one central architecture through our CloudHub platform. That last one is end-to-end, based on secure private connections and also encompasses the integration of cloud landing zones based on the latest AWS and Azure reference architecture and can be expanded both nationally and internationally with hundreds of cloud providers. In summary, with Eurofiber Cloud Infra, we can help with the structuring of your complete digital infrastructure. All managed from one organization, presented flexibly and with zero stress. 17

18 7. Contact How can we help you? “ Cloud Infra listens very carefully to the wishes of their clients and choose the best approach for each individual client.” CLOUD INFRA

Our customer survey, consisting of 200 participants, revealed that 2 out of 3 customers want to consolidate and will opt for a for a hybrid cloud solution. From Eurofiber Cloud Infra we can fully support you during this proces. We help you with the creation of a comprehensive digital infrastructure which forms the perfect basis for the business continuity of your organization. Are you looking for a suitable solution for your ICT infrastructure? Scan the QR code and make an appointment with one of our experts. 19 Supervision Darkfiber Software defined ethernet Cloud Connect Strategic Advice Solution architect CloudHub IaaS Cloud strategy Landingzone (azure of AWS) Kubernetes Private Cage Support Services Private Rack Twindatacenter solution Private Suite Customer Care Center Portal DWDM Datacenter inter- connectivity Business case Designer Network architect Independent personal advice? +31 (0) 30 242 8720 CONNECTIVITY COLOCATION CLOUD CONSULTANCY