Darwin Plants

2020 Perennial Bare Root Catalogue Dear customer, Welcome to our 2020 bare root catalogue. We proudly present you our valued customer the new listing of the best varieties available in the market. This extensive range of bare root varieties will enable you to offer your customers the best and most popular varieties. Our bare root plants can be used by Garden centres and wholesale/landscape growers to produce outstanding quality plants, but are also the perfect product for mail-order companies to sell. All bare root plants are sourced from the best growers that are able to meet our high quality standard. Our excellent working relationship with growers and our customers enables us to supply a reliable product. Reliable in the sense of quality , delivery, logistics, cultivation sup- port, product innovation and service. With our ’30 years’ of experience in the perennial market we have built strong relationships with cutting-edge breeders around the world. We can offer you the best new introductions that have been tested extensively. Working with ‘Darwin Plants’ has many advantages : • Broad expertise throughout the supply chain. Breeding-growing-packing-marketing and distribution • First class customer service • Inhouse sourcing and procurement • A wealth of skilled and experienced staff • Cultural information • Knowledgeable sales team Thank you very much for the business you place with us and I hope you have a very success- ful season. Fred Meiland GENERAL MANAGER